Has Spring Sprung?

Well that’s the word on the street but I have yet to be convinced. The flowers are blooming, the little ducklings are waddling in a line behind mama duck, the birds are singing a bit more than usual, there are joeys in the kangaroo pouches and I actually saw a baby koala in the arms of it’s mother. It is generally thought, though, that with Spring, comes the warmer weather taking some of the chill out of the air that occupies the winter months. We have not yet, however, been able to shed and store away our winter coats. Cold rain comes frequently. We bundle up in weather that hovers around the 40s and upper 50s. It peaks into the 60s sometimes and there is an occasional warm day here and there. The forecast calls for 80 degree weather the week after next but the accuracy of forecasts does not have a very good track record. Stay tuned! 😉

This coming Tuesday is a public holiday here in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup. It is kind of like the Kentucky Derby but, I think, with a lot more fanfare. It goes on for several days. There is a lady’s day and a family day and a show day and I don’t know what else “day”. We took the train into the city on our p-day this last Saturday and saw many couples dressed to the nines going to the races. It is amazing how many take the train to go to these events. We were enthralled with all the hats and were able to get several to let me take their picture.

Mama Koala with her baby: What a great hug!

I love my mission and all the opportunities for service. I can truly testify that service brings joy. My heart is filled with love and with love comes inner peace and understanding, greater faith, hope and patience. We serve the young Elders and Sisters, we help the office missionaries; we serve each other as companions and all the senior missionaries help each other whenever needed. It is such a wonderful thing!

I have joined the stake choir. We sang a beautiful rendition of “Master The Tempest is Raging”. I love that hymn. With all the whirlwinds and tragedies and unrest in the world around us, we know that “peace be still, peace be still” is the call of the Master as we know that he can calm our troubled hearts as we turn to him. I don’t have a trained voice but I love to sing and mine is one of those filler voices that every choir needs. I love the great spirit that I feel as I sing. Sometimes I feel like angels are singing along with us. We are going to start preparing for Christmas. Today we practiced with two missionaries. One of them plays the flute and the other is a concert level pianist. It will be beautiful and I believe that as I keep singing, I will be blessed with an increasingly better singing voice.

Sister King and I were given the assignment recently by the president to come up with an emergency response plan for the Australia Melbourne Mission. I think this is an emphasis in the Church in all the missions worldwide. Australia is not susceptible to earthquakes but can get Bush fires, flooding (there can be cyclones), forest fires in selected forested areas, flat fires and, of course, possible terrorist attacks. Missionaries need to be prepared and have a plan. It is a good project.

I sure love all of you. I am continually grateful for your support and your prayers. I have attached a few pictures.


Sister Cooper

P-day at Brighton Beach. Cute little bathing houses:


3 thoughts on “Has Spring Sprung?

  1. I love reading your emails. They are filled with goodness and hope! This mission has been such an amazing adventure for you and all of the people you have been able to serve!! I know these precious memories will be what we take with us when we leave this earth life!!
    Our beautiful fall weather is running out, but I have so enjoyed the warmth! Hopefully you will be getting that warm weather you have been hoping for!! I too am enjoying singing in the ward choir. We have some awesome voices in our ward!! I am grateful they let me blend in!!
    We are doing well. Everyone is busy. We are so grateful for our Savior and his Atoning Sacrifice for us. I can’t imagine living without His blessings.
    Hope you have a wonderful week sweet Sister Deb!!
    Love you tons!


  2. Lovely to hear about your days, Debbie. Enjoying the photos. You are certainly doing an outstanding job in the mission field. So glad you can use your additional talents in the choir.
    Everyone takes advantage of the transportation systems in Australia (& England). It’s how they get around. Those hats are fascinators, also worn to the Royal Ascot. Some wear them to weddings.
    Spring is variable—but I’m sure the warm weather will be there in no time with summer just around the corner, even hot spells! Dust storms are also possible. It’s amazing how this one planet has such a mix of weather conditions—it certainly makes life interesting.

    Keep up the good work and the wonderful updates. Thinking of you and sending prayers.


  3. I love your letters and pictures!! You look and sound great! We just made reservations to go see Macy dance the lead in the Nutcrcacker.. Thanks for picking us up in Long Beach last year–nice memories..You are amazing–keep up the great work. Much love and prayers..


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