Families Eternal

I love families.  I love my family.  I know that we can live eternally with each other and the more I get involved in family history, the more excited I get about the prospect of seeing my ancestors, talking with them and being with them through the eternities.  Oh what a wonderful thing!  There are also my church families, my work families, my friend families and now…my mission family.  I abosolutely love these young missionaries and the not quite so young senior missionaries.  We are a family and will be so eternally.  That is the plan of a Heavenly Father who loves us.  He is the Father of all of our spirits and that is why we call each other brothers and sisters.  My dedicated, valiant, spirit filled elders and sisters are not only bringing the message of the Plan of Salvation of Jesus Christ who is central to that plan to those who are seeking to know, but they are also making plans for their futures.  I feel so blessed to be a part of that process.  I get so excited when one of those missionaries gets a bright light in his or her eyes and becomes passionate about what they would like to do with their life after discussing options.  Then, when they are accepted to a university, it is the best feeling.  I fast and pray for those who struggle with english and need to pass an english proficiency test.  I am such a cheerleader for these young people.  One young missionary from a Pacific rim country lost both parents at a very young age and does not have much money but is determined to get an education.  This missionary failed the proficiency test twice but was not deterred and passed it on the 3rd and last try.  My excitement was beyond what I can put into words.  I cry for those who do not make it but try so very hard and wish I could wave a magic wand.  There is a plan for everyone and sometimes the plan is not what we think it should be or want it to be but all will be well in the end.  These are great young people who are being carefully watched over from above.  They will be a positive influence wherever they end up.  They have become part of my “family” and I hope to keep in touch with them always.
The following grouping of pictures are:
Zone conference
Me eating my favorite dessert of all time….ice cream!
The post man…they are so cute.  This is their uniform and they ride around on their little motor cycles delivering mail.
Me working with a family history consultant on my family tree.
Some of my sweet missionaries:
Elder Osborne is from my San Clemente Stake! YAY!
This last weekend 16 of us senior missionaries went on a trip down the Great Ocean Road.  It is a 243 kilometer scenic road built at the end of WW1.  From 1919 to 1939, picks and shovels were used to move the rock.  The road winds around the southern coast of Victoria and was designed to provide employment for ex-servicemen who had just returned from the war.  It was a huge engineering feat that ended decades of isolation of costal communities. It is a beautiful drive and connects with magnificent scenic overlooks to the Twelve Apostles which is a collection of limestone pillars formed by the eroding cliffs along the rugged shoreline.  The severe wind and harsh surf  against the cliffs formed caves and then arches and then broke down into pillars.  There were 12 but many have crumbled into the sea.  We could see 5.  In time they will probably all be gone..  President Vidmar joked that when that happens, they would have to rename the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road to “the Great Ocean Apostasy” Ha!
It was a fun trip.  We spent the night in a big house we rented with lots of rooms and beds.  We stopped at a chocolate factory and a maritime village and museum that told the stories of shipwrecks along that rugged coast in the early days of Australia.  Here are a few pictures:

I hope you are all well and happy.  May you be continually blessed for your support and love.  You are all, dear families eternal, in my heart and in my prayers.
Sister Cooper

2 thoughts on “Families Eternal

  1. Sweet Sister Cooper,
    There you are thousands of miles away making such a difference!! Thank you for taking care of our brothers and sisters who are serving in your mission. I know Heavenly Father puts us in places for a reason. We can each touch the lives of others and have our lives touched by them.
    We are so cold already and it is only September. I think our daughter in Idaho had snow!!
    We are so blessed to be a part of this Eternal Plan! Hope you have a wonderful week!
    We will send you pictures of our visit!!
    Love you tons!!


  2. Wonderful to see the progress being made in the area. Great to see you not only fulfilling assignments, family history, and various missionary tasks—but also embracing the culture, the beauty of nature in Australia, and your willingness to grow and show courage in all you do. Truly a testament for us all. Sending love, prayers, and many good wishes for continued success.


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