Getting Colder

This morning we woke up to 38 degrees. It is definitely winter here. I know this pales compared to the bitter cold durning the winters in other areas of the globe but for this aging Southern California girl, it is just plain cold. It is a damp cold, similar to what I experienced growing up in San Francisco. We do not let this deter us from bundling up and walking along the trail near our flat to get some exercise. I bought a hat to protect my ears. Bearing the cold is most difficult for the young missionaries from the warm Pacific Islands…Samoa, Fiji, French Polynesia, Tuvalu etc. Sister King and I found some hot springs which is an often visited attraction in these parts. It was oh so lovely to sit and soak for awhile in the warm/hot mineral water and it was worth it even with the mineral stench that lingered for some time afterward.

The last few weeks have been busy with transfers, departing and arriving missionaries, inspecting flats, moving out of flats that are being vacated, cleaning flats, working more than ever with missionaries needing help with their post mission planning and assisting the mission and the missionaries whenever needed. The following is a picture from a simple lunch we prepared for the newly arriving missionaries….meatball subs:
In the last departing missionary seminar, I added a slide with a quote from President Hinckley which is a message that, I think, everyone needs to hear who is moving forward and opening a new chapter in life:

” You have the potential to become anything to which you set your mind.  You have a mind and body and spirit.  With these three working together, you can walk the high road that leads to achievement and happiness.  But this will require effort and sacrifice and faith.  ….pray for the strength to walk the high road which, at times, may be lonely but which will lead to peace and happiness and joy supernal.” (Gordon B Hinckley, May 2004)
We love the young missionaries, their dedication to their missionary service, their enthusiasm, their love for life and for the Savior.  We can invision these young men and women being successful in whatever walk of life they chose for themselves.

On our p-day, we visited the Geelong Botanical Gardens which was lovely and had a date with Big Bird (Emu) at an Australian Aboriginal Cultural center and native garden.

I am happy, well and love serving here in Australia.  Thank you all for your love and prayers.
All my love,
Sister Cooper



6 thoughts on “Getting Colder

  1. Deb, love that quote from President Hinkley. Perfect for departing missionaries (and anyone else). The meatball sandwiches sound relish too!!!


  2. Wow, Sister Deb, you are growing and contributing so much!! I love hearing about your adventures. I too have started a new adventure. I was released as a counselor in the RS Presidency and sustained on Sunday as the new Nursery Leader. I guess this old horse still has a few tricks left. It is tough when you can’t get on the floor with the kids, but they don’t seem to mind. This week I learned all of the verses to “The Drive on the Bus!” Who knew there were so many versions!!! I will miss RS, but I can do hard things, maybe not quite as hard as yours, but I was pretty tired after church on Sunday!
    Your pictures are amazing and I know how much the missionaries have come to love you and Sis. King. They are blessed to have you in their mission. Hum, 98 or 38 degrees. Tough to choose between!
    I send my love dear friend and prayers. Keep up the great work!!
    Love ya,
    Nancy D.


  3. I LOVE your letters!!! They are informative and fun AND inspirational! I have felt the need to go back to work lately to ehlp with expenses in our home. Kids can be so darn expensive…especially married ones in college and those in a performing arts school! Your quote was exactly what I needed to hear while feeling like I have great experience, everything has gone so digital and requires so much technological knowledge that I lack. I will just make the most of it! Wish me luck! You look healthy and happy. I love that you are with the Vidmars. Great people…all of you! Those Aussies are so lucky! I miss you but love the experiences you are having across the world. Be safe. You are in my prayers and thoughts often. xoxo, Kate Sproul



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