Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining!

Whatever our circumstances and challenges in life, young or old, there are always “silver linings”, blessings, guardian angels, hope, and much more.  Don’t get “caught between two stools”…always choose the better way. The “ball is in your court”. Don’t worry about the “devil’s advocates”.  Listen to the counter argument  but don’t let them steer you in the wrong direction from what you know to be true. Don’t ever “throw in the towel”.  Your circumstance may be a “blessing in disguise”.  Don’t ever “cry over spilt milk”.  Keep progressing forward even though it may not be “a piece of cake”.  “Let’s not beat around the bush”, if you want to understand something like what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teaches, you should hear it “straight from the horse’s mouth….the missionaries.  It beats “barking up the wrong tree” or hearing it “through the grapevine”……….IDIOMS!  They are a challenge for those missionaries who are trying to learn the English language  and more particularly those who need to take an english proficiency exam to get into a BYU school.  In reviewing some practice tests with some of these missionaries, I have noticed that these english idiomatic expressions are the most difficult for them to grasp and to remember.  The tests use them throughout the grammar and vocabulary sections.  I am making a list of about 100 of the most frequently used idioms for these missionaries to study during their daily allotted time for language study.  Many of these missionaries come from small islands in the Pacific and are very smart and have dreams of what they want to do in their lives.  They want to educate themselves, be successful and provide well for their families.  They know as they learn the english language, opportunities will open up for them in the Church educational system and elsewhere.  I counsel them to study hard, pray hard, work hard and they will be blessed with the gift of tongues.  My companion and I pray for our young missionaries every day.  Miracles are on the horizon!

I hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day.  I had the wonderful opportunity to help many of the young missionaries by providing them with devices to call their mothers.  I felt like a mission mom.  As I got some set up, more streamed into the city branch throughout the day.  It was such a happy time.  There was so much love in the air.  It was an amazing feeling.  I have included a picture below.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain but the weather forecasts here are so unreliable.  It could be raining and cold one minute and sunny and warm the next. Some here in Australia say that it is not uncommon to have 4 seasons in one day.  I would like to say that it is going to “rain cats and dogs” but only because I want to interject another idiom! 🙂

All is well.  We continue to be among the “go to” senior missionaries for whatever is needed in the mission.  We will be traveling into the bush at the end of June for a Sunday speaking assignment in a small branch.  We are happy to be serving.  It is, as I always like to say….a wonderful thing!

Here are some pictures:
A farewell potluck for elder and sister Myers at the mission home.  They served for 18 months.
Sister Cooper helping a young sister missionary get set up to call her family on Mother’s Day
Another picture with a young sister calling home

The Olympian never quits; always an inspiration!

Sister Cooper, Sister Myers (departing) 😦  and Sister King
Another hike today in the You Yangs.  There were steps to climb and boulders to maneuver but made it to a breathtaking view.
Time to “hit the hay”!
Love you all and I am grateful for your love, your support and your prayers.
Sister Cooper




4 thoughts on “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining!

  1. There is not one thing I can think of that is taught to young missionaries …. that doesn’t apply to most times in your life !!! Thanks for the reminders 🙂


  2. This was a fun blog! Just getting back to blogs I missed during busy usu days of summer. Now on month long road trip to visit family and friends Washington yo Ohio. Catching up on communications Sent from my iPhone Cynthia Curtis Live Gratefully



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